About us

After some years as professional architect, Rüdiger Franke founded his own architectural practice in 1989, busy in all sectors of the vast scope of a typical generalist German architect: from design to execution planning, cost calculation, quantity surveying, procurement management and construction site management. In the late 1990’s the practice got more specialized, and procurement management and construction site management, now complimented with consulting and assistance for developers and investors became the mainstay of his activities.

In 2019 Matthias Thomsen joined Rüdiger to take the business to a new level, and the specialized architectural practice developed into Franke & Thomsen Projekt- und Baumanegement GmbH, a company fully dedicated to real estate project management, consultancy and client representation services.

We know all aspects of real estate projects, as well as the point of view of developers, owners, investors and tenants. We are hands-on, looking after the needs of your project instead of the needs of some defalt process and are always striving for win-win situations. The success of your project is always our main objective.

We are your real estate project managers.

Rüdiger Franke

Dipl.-Ing Architect BDA Managing partner

Rüdiger Franke manages construction projects for more than  35 years – until the foundation of Franke & Thomsen mainly in the phases of procurement management and construction site mamagement. He knows perfectly well the potential problems of a construction site – as well as the solutions for these.

Matthias Thomsen

Dipl.-Ing ArchiteCt managing partner

For him the term design does not only apply to facades and floor plans, but also to contracts, budgets and project organisations. With more than 15 years of professional experience in the construction and real estate business as classic architect, project manager, technical transaction manager and technical asset manager is always focused on the client’s needs.