Our Services

Our range of services is quite broad – but has a strong core: real estate project related consulting and management with profound knowledge of the planning and construction process. We deliver projects meeting your goals for costs, time and quality and are advising on how to get there

For Builder-Owners

If you want to start a real estate constrcution project, we are accompanying you from the first steps onwards – until successful completion and handover. We are assisting during the search for a plot, are checking technical and regulatory feasibility, are estimating the costs,  are managing all phases of planning and construction and give our recommendations for all needed decisions that have to be made.

  • Technical and regulatory site investigations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project initialization
  • Project lead role (acc. to German standard § 3 AHO Nr. 9)
  • Full project management (acc. to German standard § 2 AHO Nr. 9)
  • Procurement management (acc. to German standard HOAI LP 6-7)
  • Constuction site management (acc. to German standard HOAI LP 8)
  • Management of commissioning phase
  • Handover management
  • Claim- and anti-claim-management
  • Assistance for technical aspects of letting and sale

For Investors

We are advising thoroughly during the transaction phase of a real estate investment and can be an integrated part of your transation team. No matter if you go for a historic and protected building or a forward-deal in the middle of preliminary design phase. We are analysing all construction related aspects of the vendor’s offer and the dataroom, are making profound on-site inspections, are assessing risks, are assisting during the negotiations and deliver support during handover.

  • Technical Alnaylsis during acquisition phase
  • Advisory for your Letter of Intent
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Technical transaction management and advisory for negotiations
  • Client representation for  post-signing-phase
  • Monitoring of projects  between signing and closing, especially for forward-deals
  • Handover management
  • Monitoring of fulfillment of vendor’s obligations after closing

For Landlords

If you are posessing a property, you can contact us if you feel that there is some need for optimization. We discover potentials for improvement and can manage a refurbishment as well as fit-out or complete redevelopment projects. On request we can take over technical asset management services, and we can be your partner during a sales process.

  • Optimization advisory
  • Technical asset management services
  • Technical letting advisory
  • Advisory for maintaining or increasing the value of your property
  • Projekt management for refurbishments, fit-out projects and redevelopments
  • Vendor Technical Due Diligence
  • Technical sales advisory

For Tenants

As a tenant you need professional technical knowledge when you are searching for a new location, defining technical requirements for a future rental space, negotiating lease agreements, doing the handover and when you have to carry out tenant managed fit-out projects. We are happy to assist you in all of these steps.

  • Technical advisory for your corporate real estate strategy
  • Requirement planning
  • Assistance in the search for locations and potential landlords/developers
  • Technical advisory in the negotiation phase of the lease agreement
  • Tenant side change management for fit-out projects
  • Tenant side project management
  • Monitoring of fit-out projects
  • Assistance for handover phase, including tenant’s represenatation

Für Financers

We are happy to inform financers if technical maturity requirements are met, to report on the progress of the project and to do risk analysis and assessments at quick response.

  • Technical project analysis
  • Project monitoring and reporting
  • Risk management advisory

For All

If your real estate or construction project is in difficulties and you do not know how to proceed we are happy to help you out. We cannot do magical things, but we show the way to solve the problem, are managing the respective implementation and are assisting in securing your rights and entitlements.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Risk management
  • Crisis project management