Haus am Hang Hittfeld

Construction of a new multi-family building

Services provided by Büro Franke: Project proposal, planning and contract and construction management (performance phases 1–8)

Client: Private building owners’ association

Architect: Rüdiger Franke Architekt BDA

Project duration: 1998–1999

Project address: Schafkovenberg, Hittfeld, Germany

Büro Franke performed all services from the design to site management for a private group of four building owners representing three generations. The concept was partly shaped by the special location of the plot directly on a slope, which offers an extensive view of the surrounding landscape, but it was also essential that the shape of the building guaranteed an equal view of and access to the outdoor areas for all parties. An open but covered outdoor staircase overlooking the valley below runs through the site.
Haus am Hang

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