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By determining the status, identifying risks and necessary changes, using disciplined decision-making approaches and streamlining the implementation process, all with a project-specific approach, we ensure that every project is a complete success.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts knows the planning and construction process inside out and is able to consider the perspectives of all parties involved, from the building owner, portfolio manager and operator right through to the user. Based on an initial analysis phase, we provide you with a clear overview of the problems and risks involved in your project before producing a decision-making and implementation concept tailored to meet your needs. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of those involved in the project and create a clear contractual and organisational framework for their activities. Once your project is underway, we use well-established systems to monitor compliance with contractual obligations and help to ensure that your demands are met and your rights safeguarded. You can also rely on us to inform you promptly should it become necessary to adjust project objectives; consult legal advisers, arbitrators or mediators; or change contractors.

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Our services in detail:

1. Project governance

Project governance focuses on ensuring that projects are executed in line with the objectives and organisational requirements specified by project management. We manage the parties involved in planning and construction, monitor compliance with the project objectives, continuously analyse the project status and handle deadline, cost and quality management.
We prepare orders and assignments and ensure that contractual obligations are met. If necessary, we actively intervene and present the project management team with recommended courses of action, approval recommendations and decision-making proposals.

2.Project management / Client representation

As project managers, we become an integral organisational unit for our clients for a set period. In this role, we ensure that targets are defined clearly and realistically and we set clear general conditions. We define the tasks to be completed by all other parties involved in the project, establish a communication interface with these parties on behalf of the client, implement measures and take the strain off the client by handling their day-to-day business activities. Our role can be tailored to meet different needs and combined with project governance tasks.
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3. Contract and construction management / Site supervision

With these services, we perform the so-called performance phases 6–8 of project planning for buildings. We produce detailed specifications for construction work, evaluate tenders for such work and prepare proposals for the awarding of contracts.
We also take care of construction schedules, closely monitor the quality of construction work on site, coordinate individual construction workers, document construction progress and ensure that accounts are audited.

4. Project crisis management

If intermediate deadlines are not met, the quality of services performed is insufficient or there is a risk of exceeding the budget, it goes without saying that the project in question is facing a crisis. What’s more, even seemingly smaller issues such as communication problems between parties involved in the project or unclear objectives may potentially harm the success of a project.

In such situations, we initially work with the client to define the overarching objective. We then rapidly analyse the project status and the causes behind the crisis and produce an overview of the situation based on this information. The next stage of our approach involves coming up with both immediate measures and a continuation strategy.

We minimise damage by implementing countermeasures, active risk management and clear flows of information.

Last but not least, we check the sustainability of the improvements achieved and use readjustments to ensure their continued success where needed.

Our crisis management approach is based on the “Six Sigma” DMAIC principles:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control

The revised project is then given an organised structure to achieve the set objectives.

5. Controlling / Monitoring

Our controlling or project monitoring services ensure that a project is approached in line with a four-eye principle, especially in the case of clients beyond the realms of the construction project organisation, for example investors, financiers or even future users.
We analyse the status of the project, monitor compliance with the agreed objectives and obligations of the contract partners stipulated by the client, report on our findings and provide information on risks in time for action to be taken.

6. Technical due diligence

When handling intended property transactions, we examine the transaction object by conducting a technical due diligence check for defects, risks and opportunities and provide a clear overview of the relevant facts. On request, we are also happy to produce well-informed recommended courses of action to minimise risks. When doing so, we work in particularly close cooperation with the client’s legal team to implement problem-solving mechanisms in the purchase contract.
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7. Portfolio concepts and energy-efficient retrofitting

We develop new ideas for economic use and conversion concepts for portfolio properties. The main focus of this approach is placed on achieving an optimised solution for energy-efficient renovation that thoroughly considers all aspects, for example design, technical implementation options, cost-effectiveness, amortisation, funding opportunities etc.

8. Consulting

Our consulting services include:
  • Location analyses
  • Feasibility and economic feasibility studies
  • Demand planning
  • Technical rental and leasing advice
  • Advice on value preservation measures and added-value potential
  • ESG and sustainability consulting


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